Saturday, 26 April 2014

Chasing Alix. Vera Wang Bride Spring 2015

Chasing Alix | Vera Wang Bride Spring 2015 from Vera Wang on Vimeo.

Absolutely gorgeous video, love the atmosphere, make up, music, every shot is so lovely done.

Directed By: Gordon von Steiner
Make-Up: Marla Belt
Hair: Jimmy Paul
Models: Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Elisabeth Erms, Nastya Sten, Stophie Touchet
Set Design: Mary Howard Studio
Location: La Selva Mansion

All about love!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Osamu Yokonami

Love the images, some really unique poses and angles. Cute, with a sense of freedom and story. I swear, Japanese people see the world so differently and I adore their aesthetic sense.

Petite Meller in Phoenix magazine

Artist: Petite Meller
Styling: Marina de Magalhaes
Hair: Dave Noble using Bumble & Bumble
Make up: Nicola Moores Brittin using MAC Cosmetics
Assistant styling: Ana Rita Bracker

Love the cute styling and beautiful colors. Petite Meller looks quite special too.



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